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At Issured, we tailor our services to suit the requirements of our clients, whether they are in the public or private sector, drawing on our extensive industry experience delivering digitally-focussed solutions in a number of domain areas, including:

  • Digital Intelligence and Investigations
  • Cyber Security
  • Safer City
  • Digital Transformation
  • Safeguarding
Business Transformation Consultant

Whether you are looking to optimise your business processes for improved efficiency, develop new approaches for complex business problems or take advantage of business opportunities through innovation, we will work with you to deliver solutions that are tailored for your environment.

Our services are categorised into four distinct areas to support you in transforming your vision into reality, covering all aspects of your transformation journey:

Design Services

We will work alongside you to develop comprehensive strategies and design a digitally-focussed Operating Model which will enable you to deliver solutions that are tailored for your environment.

Delivery Services

We will support the implementation of your tailored transformation programme, ensuring it aligns with your corporate strategy and organisational delivery capability, working with you to identify areas of uplift required for successful implementation.

Human Capital Development Services

We will work with you to understand and assess your organisation’s capabilities against your target operating model to tailor learning programmes that meet your needs.

Application Development

We have significant experience in developing bespoke applications and tools – such as Mea : Fuse – which support our service offerings to meet the specific needs of our clients