Safer Cities

The increasingly digital and interconnected world provides a powerful driver to adopt a holistic, integrated approach to security, pulling together expertise and experience across government agencies in order to effectively and efficiently respond to the security challenges of the twenty-first century.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Issured supports organisations to modernise their operating platforms to effectively service their evolving safety and security needs. The Safer City platform provides an integrated suite of technologies, innovative Concept of Operations, quality focused processes and staff capabilities to proactively manage the security situation and to professionalise the security response to incidents. We have extensive experience of successfully supporting the delivery of technical and operational solutions for Safer Cities programmes including:

  • Integrated Command, Control, Communication and Crisis (C4) Centre – Abu Dhabi
  • Command, Control, Communication and Information (C3i) Programme – London, UK
  • NPS Transformation Consultancy and Training Services for the
  • Safe City Project – Kenya
  • Lahore Safe City Project – Pakistan
  • Nigeria Emergency Control Centres (ECC) – Nigeria
  • Enterprise Command and Crisis-management Centre (EC3) programme – Dubai

We have undertaken extensive research in police and security organisations focusing particularly on the cultural, structural and systemic issues that make it difficult for such organisations to implement sustainable improvement programmes. Our operating model focuses on the information and knowledge which we use to transform how organisations manage their day to day operations and how they respond to both planned and spontaneous events and critical incidents.

  • Capability development
  • New operating model
  • Organisational structure
  • Enabling technology
  • Operational processes
  • Governance cooperation/partnerships