Digital processes for effective safeguarding

Everyone is entitled to live their lives free from harm, and keeping individuals safe requires organisations to implement the right processes, controls and governance to ensure early identification of potential safeguarding challenges.

Digital Transformation Services

The use of digital capabilities, such as data acquisition, data management and data analysis technologies and operating processes can greatly enhance your ability to identify and respond to safeguarding issues in a way that is efficient, effective and proportionate.

Ensuring the effective safeguarding of people in, and accessing, your business can be complex requiring flexible processes and highly skilled staff. Safeguarding must be at the forefront of your workforce’s focus when providing services to children and/or vulnerable adults.


An end-to-end solution
At Issured, we have extensive, proven experience of transforming organisations to improve their safeguarding capabilities. Our team of experts undertake a full analysis of your operations to identify notable practice, risks and areas for improvement, from adequate screening of potential employees to technological applications that will assist you in protecting everyone interacting with your organisation.

Our team use their extensive industry experience to design a digitally-focussed business structure that considers safeguarding at every level.

We design and develop a comprehensive safeguarding strategy and any additional programmes you require for additional control.

Our industry experts ensure that new strategies, programmes and processes comply with all legal and regulatory responsibilities.

We will assess the people, skills and knowledge within your organisation to identify areas for improvement, and necessary training to bring your workforce up to speed.

Our team work with all suppliers and contractors to implement the technology and tools required to ensure effective safeguarding and controls.

Change management specialists work with your organisation to implement and communicate changes according to employment law.

We ensure you have the right digital applications that work to help you identify safeguarding risks while keeping processes simple and accessible for your staff and service users.

We’ll increase your human capital through comprehensive training programmes, designed especially for your organisation, delivered on- or off-site, that enable your staff to identify safeguarding risks and take appropriate action.