Product Development


Building on our experience of turning our client’s visions into reality we are continuously looking for opportunities to leverage technology to deliver improvements in efficiency and effectiveness within our client’s operations.

Our team of experts are rapidly designing and developing software solutions to address these opportunities, ranging from tools to support projects and programmes through to web-based applications that utilise Blockchain for a variety of use cases.

Digital Intelligence Consultants & Investigation Services

Our Offering

We offer our current and future solutions as standalone products and services with full support arrangements where required.
We are dedicated to the ongoing research and development of solutions to support our client’s growth, utilising our vast expertise to do so.
We have a range of products in development, and are pleased to offer mea: connexus, our first of these, for the benefit of new and existing clients. For more information please see below:

  • Mea : Connexus – A secure video communication solution that uses Blockchain to create immutable records of your engagement without the need to download software or apps.