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MEA: Connexus – Video Communication You Can Trust

The way organisations conduct their business and how people live their lives has changed dramatically. The advancement of technology has meant that more people are able to work remotely, and an organisation’s customers are often geographically dispersed.

This has created complexity in communicating and engaging with customers, workforce and the people that organisations serve.

To counter this, new methods of communication have emerged, such as video conferencing, where people can engage and collaborate remotely.

However, the advancement of technology brings its own complexity and problems. With the need to download and configure a vast array of software and applications prior to using video conferencing, individuals and organisations are becoming more concerned about the integrity of the data they share online.

Introducing MEA: Connexus

MEA: Connexus is a multi-participant video meeting solution that requires only an internet connected device with no need for downloads or applications. MEA: Connexus provides trusted communications and engagement through the use of Blockchain to provide you with a video meeting platform you can trust to provide you with the evidential integrity you require.


Evidential Integrity

In a world where altering and editing video media has become a simple process, MEA: Connexus uses the Hyper Ledger Fabric public Blockchain to ensure that no changes or edits, however small, can be made to the video meeting without all interested parties being aware. This also includes any media shared within the meeting.


MEA: Connexus uses government approved 256-bit encryption to protect all video meeting data throughout the live meeting, while being stored in the cloud. This means you can be assured that when you’re using MEA: Connexus for client meetings, interviews, background checks or general communications, your data is secure.

Multiple Participants

People migrate and travel globally through business and leisure. MEA: Connexus enables you to communicate and engage with multiple video meeting participants to ensure that interpreters, family, support organisations and others are able to connect remotely and provide the collaboration you require.

Effective Meeting Tools

Meeting and engaging with clients and the people your organisation serves is a collaborative process and information needs to be shared equally by all parties involved. MEA: Connexus provides built-in tools to share documents, media and the content of a device’s screen as well as providing the facility to use text chat to communicate with selected or all participants.

Efficient Post Meeting Process

With many organisations experiencing increased workload, the need for the most efficient ways of working is as important as ever.  MEA: Connexus provides the ability to bookmark the video meeting so that interested parties can be informed of key points in the meeting. Additionally, MEA: Connexus will automatically recognise voices associated with the participants and auto-transcribe the content of the video meeting, reducing the need for post-meeting administration.

Data Responsibility

With an ever-present need to fulfil responsibilities to manage and protect data retrieved through an investigation or engagement, MEA: Connexus provides the facility for any organisation to securely download and retain the video meeting, any shared media, the transcription and the Blockchain hash for their management and review at a later date.

Device and Platform Independent

The proliferation of technology in use by the public and organisations means that the choice of device, laptop and operating system has never been greater. MEA: Connexus counters platform complexity by being a completely platform agnostic solution with no need to download applications or even install technology within the customers local IT infrastructure. Just log on and use…it’s that simple!

Organisation Customisation

We recognise there is a vast number of organisations that will find benefit through using our solution, but also know it is important to take into account organisational differences and enable them to engage with their clients using their own corporate identity.  MEA: Connexus provides the tools and capability for customers to use their own corporate logos during video calls, as well as providing them with the local capability to add and manage the users they need.


Increased Public Satisfaction

The public that your organisation serves can live remotely, travel domestically and globally, and live more and more of their lives online. MEA: Connexus provides people with the ability to engage and collaborate with you at a time and location that suits them as long as they have an internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone. Use of this product in the insurance industry provided a 98% public approval rate.

Reduced Investigation Resolution Time

The need to travel to a client’s location, or for them to travel to meet you at a time that suits them, can lead to a delay in providing the service and engagement you want to give.  MEA: Connexus removes these barriers and allows organisations to progress their work at pace.

Increased Capacity, Reduce Travel Time

Travel to a client to conduct a meeting can mean extensive – and expensive – travel time. During this time your staff are unable to conduct their normal day-to-day roles and responsibilities. MEA: Connexus reduces travel time, allowing you to conduct a meeting for a fraction of the cost that lost productivity and travel expenses result in. This means your digitally enabled workforce’s capacity to perform their normal responsibilities is increased.

Reduced Meeting Time

By providing a more direct and purposeful method of engagement, MEA: Connexus can reduce the average meeting time meaning that your staff are able to increase their throughput and provide a better service to your organisation’s customers.

Increase in the standard of customer aftercare

The demand for customer aftercare can be left unmet due to organisational capacity and resourcing restrictions.  Through providing a more efficient method of engagement, MEA: Connexus can support organisations in engaging with more of your customers more of the time.

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