E-witness is pioneering technology that allows interviews or meetings to be undertaken from any location and at any time via a secure video link.  A key feature for Law enforcement agencies is that enhanced evidential Integrity is provided through the use of Blockchain to create immutable records of video interviews, meetings and conferences.

E-witness is platform agnostic, so no download or apps are required. It works through browser to browser communication meaning that anyone can use it if they have an internet connection and a unique token provided by the interviewing officer(s) to gain entry to the meeting. This means that the ability to interview a witness, is no longer constrained by force, regional or international boundaries.

E-witness presents significant opportunities for policing to increase capacity to meet ever increasing demands through reducing the need for officers to deploy in person, this will provide significant efficiency savings across policing freeing officer and staff time to focus on the priorities that matter most to the public.

Other key benefits and features of E-witness include:

  • Up to 12 party conference video interview
  • Screen sharing provides the ability to view and discuss evidence and intelligence between parties (digital maps, documents, physical exhibits etc)
  • Reduce despatch time and the cost of travel to interview witnesses
  • Reduce investigation resolution time through effective use of technology to reduce time spent on interviews
  • Reduce the cost of interpreters by allowing them to participate remotely
  • Auto transcription from voice to text to reduce transcription times
  • Bookmark videos to jump to points most relevant to the viewer
  • Reduce interview times (industry proven – reduced 90 minutes average interview time to 18 minutes average)
  • Increase public satisfaction through addressing volume crime face to face through video interview at a time and location convenient to the public
  • Multi usage, for example: officer and staff welfare; welfare of vulnerable people; keeping contact with victims

e-witness video