Digital Intelligence & Investigation

The rapidly-changing digital landscape means that the threat from crime, whether internal or external, is more complex and inconspicuous than ever. For organisations this means ever-increasing amounts of data which is difficult to analyse efficiently and effectively, especially as digital frequently crosses jurisdictions and international boundaries.

Digital Intelligence Services

Our expertise with digital intelligence and investigation (DII) has been proven by extensive work with police forces across the UK and internationally. But DII isn’t just for the police; other public and private organisations can utilise technology in a proactive way to spot trends and patterns, protect against risk, and act quickly in the event of disruption.

A key challenge today is to make sense of the vast and complex data from the rapidly evolving digital environment. Organisations need to develop strategies to make use of this data to generate knowledge that can be deployed proactively to decision makers at all levels. This requires the organisation to be able to relate all of its information assets and identify patterns and relationships to create the right knowledge outputs.

To ensure you are able to deal with the challenges posed by this changing landscape it is essential that your organisation’s strategy and processes are correctly designed and implemented, and that you have the capabilities to store, interrogate, analyse and create actions from your data in order to enable continuous improvement.

We have undertaken extensive work with UK Police forces to develop Digital Intelligence and Investigation capabilities. Our expertise can enable public and private sector organisations to take advantage of these technologies in a proactive way to identify trends and patterns, enhance risk management and respond more effectively to operational demand. In order to support your DII programme, we can:

  • Assess your current DII capability and maturity
  • Support the development of your DII Operating model and enabling capabilities
  • Assess and enhance your staff capabilities to operate in the digital environment
  • Guide and support your organisation through the transformation process