Cyber Security

Cyber security refers to the tools, knowledge, equipment, processes, practices and techniques that are designed to protect a company’s networks, devices, programs, and/or data from an unwanted attack, destruction, or unauthorised access aimed purely at the exploitation of company properties.

Unfortunately, security violations are on the increase as more and more businesses and the public in general, resort to and rely upon online capabilities for communicating and sharing information.

Business Transformation Consultant

In today’s digital landscape, mitigating the risk of cyber-attack, data loss, rogue insiders, corporate espionage and fraud is essential for all organisations. While Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Cloud services offer massive opportunities for innovation and efficiency, they also introduce a wide range of new threats, and novel manifestations of more traditional risks.

Organisations need to ensure that they understand both the internal and external threats and that their investment in cyber and information security provides them with the ability to maintain an efficient, effective and secure service.

The internal and external threat to a business’ cyber security can come from, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Deliberate and/or accidental compromise through:
    • Staff fraud, theft or sabotage
    • Negligence through poor training or awareness


  • Organised Criminal Networks or Corporate Espionage through:
    • Ransomware
    • Phishing
    • Hacking

Issured provide world class security and digital transformation solutions, working in partnership with our clients to turn their ‘Strategic vision into Reality’ and deliver tangible value. Our blend of high-level skill and delivery experience enables us to design and deliver bespoke solutions to meet all your requirements.

We have a proven successful track record of working as a trusted independent partner enabling our clients to implement the right blend of digital services and people centric processes to allow efficient and effective operation in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our unique experience and insights gained through working with UK Police and security agencies enables us to develop innovative digital transformation services that include enhanced business and operational models, development of your staff and identification of enabling technology infrastructure.

We have delivered major modernisation and change programmes, worked in very demanding international locations, designed and led international training programmes and are true digital transformation specialists.

How can Issured help?

As a company Issured are ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified and have developed a holistic approach to tackling cyber and information security threats. From Information asset identification to delivery management, our specialists will coordinate the business change needed to protect your organisation, staff and service users from cyber-attacks.