Cyber Security

Staying secure in the digital world
In today’s digital landscape, mitigating the risk of cyber-attack, data loss, rogue insiders, corporate espionage and fraud is essential for all organisations. While ICT’s offer massive opportunities for innovation and efficiency, they also introduce a wide range of new threats, and novel manifestations of more traditional risks

Business Transformation Consultant

Organisations need to ensure that they understand both the internal and external threats and that their investment in cyber and information security provides them with the ability to maintain an efficient, effective and secure service. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) reports that current threats to cyber security for businesses in the UK are:


  • Controls and compliance breaches
  • Staff fraud and theft
  • The Human Factor – Negligence
  • The Insider Threat


  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Hacking
  • Organised Crime Networks
  • Corporate Espionage

It is crucial that organisations have the right protection against these to avoid disruption to service, financial loss and reputational damage.


How can Issured help?

Issured has developed a holistic approach to tackling cyber and information security threats for your organisation. Our solutions and processes are ISO 27001 compliant. From risk assessment to delivery management, our specialists will coordinate the business change needed to protect your organisation, staff and service users from cyber attacks.

Our Cyber and Information Security services include:

  • Assessment of key risks, threats, vulnerabilities, probabilities of occurrence and their impact on your existing security infrastructure and processes.
  • Development of a holistic and coherent Cyber and information Security Strategy
  • Development and implementation of access controls to information, systems and premises
  • Development of performance metrics and a monitoring regime to underpin the cyber and information security strategy