Mea : Fuse

Mea : Fuse is an application which enables fast and secure data discovery and capture from open source databases and unstructured data sources against specified subject(s) of interest. It enables searching of multiple data sources in single or perpetual searches against specified search criteria, ensuring an audit trail of all data and enabling sharing to third parties.

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Mea : Fuse also ensures you have the ability to manage data throughout its lifecycle from capture through to disposal, ensuring security of data and providing an efficient and effective way of managing workload through workflow management, whilst enabling improved quality of development activity through collaboration. Once data is captured, you have the ability to create qualitative and quantitative reports from the data, creating structured reports, as well as statistical analysis reports against the captured data. In addition, Mea : Fuse allows report data to be imported and exported to and from third party systems, and ensures the user is alerted to any hits against their search criteria through the bespoke reporting mechanism.

The ability to configure the system to your local business needs means that you are provided with a bespoke, business-oriented system which uses semantics and terminology understood across the organisation, enables management of security and access rights to the system and its data, and configuration of workflow ensuring Mea : Fuse evolves along with changes in your organisational operating model.

Sharing data securely with third parties is often key to an organisations’ ability to use the data in the most effective and efficient way possible. The ability to seamlessly exchange data with partners, thanks to built-in data interoperability, means that you can ingest data from third party systems, and share data out to third party systems, therefore improving data accuracy and cross-organisation cooperation and joint working.

For more information about how Mea : Fuse can help you gather, analyse and share data to support your operations, please get in touch with us.