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Business Transfromation​​​​ is not soley about introducing the latest technology advancement or restructuring the organisation in the hope that it will result in effective change. It is about actively designing and implementing business and operating models that encompass business processes, resources, organisational structures and technologies to enable delivery of the required business outcomes and benefits.

We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business, assessing its performance against strategy and vision to identify areas that require transformation to realise maximum business value.  We develop detailed operating designs and blueprints that demonstrate the target state of the organisation, and outline corresponding roadmaps to determine the transition path from the current operating model to the desired operating state.

All of our modeling and design activities are captured within our comprehensive Business Architecture Framework, providing clear tracability from the business vision to detailed requriements, allowing the evalutation of potential design options and delivering a stable reference model from which change and benefits can be assessed.
  • Business enterprise architecture
  • Operating model development
  • Business analysis
  • Service design
  • Data architecture
  • Earned value analysis
  • User story development
  • Requirements development
  • Requirements management
  • Benefits identification and tracking